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August 16, 2016

Fall Essentials--Bloggers Pick

Fall essentials -- Bloggers pick

While the weather may still be hot, fall is around the corner with August ending! So we have the essential guide for you on what's hot this up coming season. Bloggers pick means this is my absolute favorite look too! I'm excited to share some tips and trends for this fall and hopefully inspire you.

Fur coats are coming back and making a huge hit! If you are wanting that more dressy look don't be scared to be more daring in a fur jacket no matter what type of fur it is. This super chic look can be found in all different colors, my personal favorite are the white and cream ones like shown above!

Layer it up with different textures! Take a simple top and add some different tones in colors with cardi's and tees. This look also has a jean jacket incorporated as well, which I love because it uses different materials. Not to mention super warm to, perfect for those fall nights.

Simplistic in a pancho, this fall these beauties are already being seen everywhere! This look is great for having that one extra layer. A chic look with a knit pancho is a jean collard long sleeve shirt. You can find any color for tops for underneath if you are wanting to go in a different direction. The collar out of the top adds a pop to the outfit. You can also try adding a necklace to go around it which looks great too. The simpleness of the outfit is how easy it is to put together and not a lot goes into it!

What color goes better then beige in the fall?! One of my favorite looks for this season is the warm earthy tones and especially the beige/creams. Large knit sweaters are so comfy and stylish. Don't forget to find one of these this because you can't ever have enough of them!
I've loved being able to write and show off different tips and trends for The Style Bar Boutique, till next time loves and don't forget to always keep it chic!
Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique & Jorden Leigh


August 02, 2016

Dressed Up In Black

Dressed Up In Black

4 ways to wear black:
We've got some styles to show you on 4 different ways you can wear black!

1. Tank & Lace up- lace up shoes are the new in and especially in the sophisticated color black. Style bloggers always have a stand-out necklace in whichever post they are showing too! So try a bold metal necklace to bring out that edgier side. A tank and black skinnies are perfect combo for whatever the day brings on.

2. Rock out in leather- automatically what comes to mind when I think black materials, is the leather jacket. Incorporate this into your look with cute tanks underneath. Try silk and even lace like blow! Simplicity goes good with this look to so no hassle on trying to find the right accessories to go with! Keep it clean an chic.

3. Little black dress- Try finding a high neck black dress! This look is great for whatever necklace you choose and its perfect if you're not wanting a dress that's to showy showy. Find a cute cover-up as well for that perfect going out look!

4. Simplicity- who says you can't wear black on black? No one of course! You create your own style so make it your very own. This look is super simple and easy to put together. So find basic pieces, like a cotton tee, and create that simplistic look!

Don't forget, always keep it chic!
Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique

July 26, 2016

Color Of The Week: Mustard

Color Of The Week: Mustard
Since summer is in full bloom we thought what better color to talk about then the bright, summery, color of yellow, mustard! Here's some looks and what to pair up with this fun color! Look for inspo below.

Delicate details show off more of a vintage side. So if this is the look you are aiming for try floral patterns or a patterned blouse! Paired with mustard, this warm color goes great with other earth tones and creams. Suede is another personal favorite of mine so of course I had to pair the two, which I found in the picture below. Look for some inspo!

Of course there will be rainy days so keep it bright with a mustard raincoat. This piece will sure to make you stand out on those gloomy days. Also Find a patterned design in the lining of the coat. This creates that extra pop making it look like you're wearing more than one thing!

Don't forget to add your personal touch on whatever look you choose and make it your own!
Always keep it chic,
Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique

July 19, 2016

Cute Casual Summer Guide

The cute casual summer outfit guide

Here's a sneak peak at some super cute yet super comfy summer outfits for on the go!
Whether you're feeling jean shorts or some pants, you can comf-ify your look.

Obviously nothing looks comfier than oversized tee's and some soft cardi's. So mix the two up with neutral toned colors. This enhances that soft look. This look is great for whatever the day brings on because it's so versatile.

Comfy cotton dresses make everything easier, especially if they have some pockets. This look is so easy to create and not a lot goes into it when you only need a few pieces! Tip: tie a cardigan around the waist for some layer. Just incase the weather changes.
Sticking with the basics, (basic equaling tee shirts). For on the go or just being lazy tuck in a tee and try some high rise jeans. Tip: you can switch up different colored jean washes. Adding a simplistic belt accentuates the waist line, showing off that hour glass figure.

Back to the post about bralettes and strappy bras, here's a comfy look to add one of those! Find off the shoulder long sleeves, even pocket tees work too, then add a delicate bralette. It adds depth and creates that comfy look! Look above for inspo on a more vintage look.

Don't forget, always keep it chic!
Xoxo-TheStyleBar Boutique

July 12, 2016

Pretty In Pastels

Pretty in pastels
This summer sun has us in colorful spirit! Summer and spring scream cheerful colors for this time of the year. So here's some tips and trends on how to wear pastel colors.

Go with the flow with long pastel skirts. Tight or flowy, both are a dressier look perfect for any occasion from dinner party's to night out with the girls or just for work! Tip: keep the pastel going throughout the whole outfit with lighter colored tops and shoes. Light pink is my personal fav for a pastel color because it goes with whites and creams.

Create a business look with light colors. A huge trend is keeping light wash and airy colors throughout the whole outfit. If you're stuck in the office all day and can't be in that more casual look, this look is perfect for just that. Check out below for some inspo on how to wear pastels in the office.

Stones and jewels, dress up your outfit with multiple bracelets and bangles. Layering it up with different colored stones is a great accent piece! Using pastel colors especially is a great summer look!

A huge trend this summer are the cat eye sunglasses. This super cute shape goes perfect with pastel outfits because of the unique vintage look it has.
Always keep it chic!

Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique

July 05, 2016

How To Wear Gold!

How to wear gold

Yes we are talking gold, but not just in jewelry. We're talking in the outfit! These are some tips and trends on how to incorporate gold into your outfit without being over powering.
"Gold, because it offers the purity of springwater, shaping the body until it is nothing more than a line." -Yves Saint Laurent
Not only is YSL a huge fashion icon but of course he knew what he was talking about when coming out with a whole release line of gold clothes. So we're here to show you this new fashion fad. Check below for inspo!

Ways to add gold: Find patterned bottoms or tops that have gold embroidery! This detail accent is a great look on any color.

Stick with one gold: Trying to mix and match gold colors can be a hassle and begin to look overpowering. So try sticking with one gold color you prefer for instance, rose gold, or metallic gold, etc. The colors are endless.

Little details: Of course there is always gold jewelry out there that is a great accent piece. But you can also add it into other pieces like, shoes, glasses or hats. This look below is great for any occasion!

Add some gold this summer into your outfit, and remember always keep it chic!
Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique
June 28, 2016

"A women who wears black lives a colorful life" -Unknown

"A women who wears black lives a colorful life" -Unknown

Black is the new in, it is a timeless, chic look that can be transformed into anything. Just because you keep simple colors, like black, doesn't mean you have a dull or boring wardrobe. Black can be versatile into any day outfits. Dressed up or down here are some tips and trends on how to incorporate this simplistic chic look into your outfit.

Material- Of course the material matters when finding that perfect outfit. Depending on if you want a dressy look, black silk goes perfect with those favorite pumps or cardi. Dressing down the outfit, black cotton tees & tanks are perfect for that because they can be found mostly anywhere. The little black dress is also so versatile when it comes to hot or cold days because you can add tights to it! Tip: This is a way to make the dress more dressy.

Pieces- From tanks to sweaters you can go in all directions from what black tops to find. Strappy tanks are in for the summer so add a cute black one to your outfit! Also if you aren't looking for that whole black look add a jean jacket or break it up with a chunky belt. Jewelry is another great accent piece.

Shoes- A girl can never have enough pair of shoes either, especially black because they go with anything. Don't be afraid to mix it up when finding new black shoes, like adding different prints and designs. Tip: snake, alligator and even cheetah print is in! All of these can be found in black colors. The booties are also great to have, you can never go wrong with a pair of these because they are such a must! Lace it up or slip it on, grab a pair of black shoes or heels for your outfit!


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