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Let's Talk Business

Let's talk business

Starting off the workweek in stylish outfits will make you feel empowered giving you that extra boost of confidence. Not sure what to wear? Check out some of these tips & trends for must-have clothes for the office!

Wardrobe essentials- What to keep in the closet for sure. These pieces are essential when it comes to work clothes. Always keep; knee length dresses in simple colors, trousers & jeans, a couple of blazers, cardigans, button up shirt in black and white, and a long pencil skirt. Depending on your work place if it is cold or hot that is always a huge factor when deciding what to wear. So make sure you get pieces that you'll want to wear when considering the temperature, based on if you always need a long sleeve or just a nice blouse.

Laid-back chic- Creating a more laid back look requires three things: 1st it depends on the amount of accessories you put on. 2nd the type of jeans, wearing distressed pants and even the girlfriend kind can create this feel. 3rd The material. When adding layers and they are different materials for instance, cotton and silk or tee shirt with blazer, this gives a softer look to the outfit.

All dressed up- The long pencil skirt: Nothing makes a statement in the office place then showing up to work in a skirt and fresh pair of heels. This outfit is perfect for lunch outings with colleagues or just because! Tips for this outfit: Adding a tighter top accentuates the hips and don't forget to accessorize!
Little black dress: This is always a minimalist outfit you can't go wrong with. From day to night it's perfect for all occasions besides work too. That's why it is a great essential piece to keep in your wardrobe. Nothing says class like a dress! Tip: Add a bright purse and pair of shoes to add a pop to your outfit!

Having the most minimalist work pieces in your closet are always suiting when trying to find something to wear. Don't be afraid to mix and match! Always keep it chic!