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Cute Casual Summer Guide

The cute casual summer outfit guide

Here's a sneak peak at some super cute yet super comfy summer outfits for on the go!
Whether you're feeling jean shorts or some pants, you can comf-ify your look.

Obviously nothing looks comfier than oversized tee's and some soft cardi's. So mix the two up with neutral toned colors. This enhances that soft look. This look is great for whatever the day brings on because it's so versatile.

Comfy cotton dresses make everything easier, especially if they have some pockets. This look is so easy to create and not a lot goes into it when you only need a few pieces! Tip: tie a cardigan around the waist for some layer. Just incase the weather changes.
Sticking with the basics, (basic equaling tee shirts). For on the go or just being lazy tuck in a tee and try some high rise jeans. Tip: you can switch up different colored jean washes. Adding a simplistic belt accentuates the waist line, showing off that hour glass figure.

Back to the post about bralettes and strappy bras, here's a comfy look to add one of those! Find off the shoulder long sleeves, even pocket tees work too, then add a delicate bralette. It adds depth and creates that comfy look! Look above for inspo on a more vintage look.

Don't forget, always keep it chic!
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