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How To Wear Gold!

How To Wear Gold!
How to wear gold

Yes we are talking gold, but not just in jewelry. We're talking in the outfit! These are some tips and trends on how to incorporate gold into your outfit without being over powering.
"Gold, because it offers the purity of springwater, shaping the body until it is nothing more than a line." -Yves Saint Laurent
Not only is YSL a huge fashion icon but of course he knew what he was talking about when coming out with a whole release line of gold clothes. So we're here to show you this new fashion fad. Check below for inspo!

Ways to add gold: Find patterned bottoms or tops that have gold embroidery! This detail accent is a great look on any color.

Stick with one gold: Trying to mix and match gold colors can be a hassle and begin to look overpowering. So try sticking with one gold color you prefer for instance, rose gold, or metallic gold, etc. The colors are endless.

Little details: Of course there is always gold jewelry out there that is a great accent piece. But you can also add it into other pieces like, shoes, glasses or hats. This look below is great for any occasion!

Add some gold this summer into your outfit, and remember always keep it chic!
Xoxo- TheStyleBar Boutique