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What to Pack for Summer Vacation!

What to pack for a summer vacation

Whether it be out of state or the country there's some basic essential stuff to pack when traveling. The hot summer makes it easy to pack because you don't need that much! Here's some tips and trends to look at for what to pack when you leave!
10 easy tips to remember when packing

1. Pack light -Summer vacations are so simplistic and easy when it comes to packing because you don't need all the heavy winter gear. So pack just the basics and dress the outfits up or keep them casual.
2. Pack neutral colors
3. Essential undergarments
4. Neutral colored shoes -Comfy & Casual keep the color simplistic so it goes with most outfits. This way your shoes don't take up the whole bag.
5. Always have a light jacket
6. One hat
7. Pair of jeans -Essential for if you're planning on a night out.
8. Dresses (long or short)
9. Jewelry that goes with all -Keep the jewelry basic when planning outfits, that way you don't have to take a lot because one can go with all.
10. Versatile shirts -This means that the shirt can be dressed up or dress down depending on the day you have planned. Don't forget the basic tee's as well.

When you go on your summer vacation don't forget some of these easy tips for what to pack and don't forget to always keep it chic (and simplistic).

Xoxo- The Style Bar