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Street Style For Summer

Street Style for Summer

The new up-and-coming looks in the fashion world are seen on the streets everyday. We did some digging just to find out what some of these hot trends are! Here's some tips and trends on what's on the "street" today!

Flowy- Add some flow in your closet and liven up the summer with cute flowy dresses! A big hit this summer are flowy tops, dresses and pants. They are perfect for everyday wear. Tip: Find a flowy dress that has an elastic waist to define your curves! 

Clutches- Embroidered to leather, clutches are perfect for holding small amounts of stuff when on-the-go. Super cute way to show a bold statement to a minimalistic outfit. Jump into this trend this summer, I know I can't get enough of them! Tip: Find patterned clutches to give a pop to your outfit! 

Off the shoulder- This chic look is coming in hot this summer! Some main trends have been the basic earth and neutral toned colors for that off the shoulder look! If you want that light and airy look stick with whites and creams. You can find all sorts of different styles and patterns with these tops. Tip: If you want that more casual look keep it minimalistic without the accessories! 

The word of the street is in and you just got a taste of some hot summer trends! Always keep it chic.
Xoxo -TheStyleBar