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How To Dress For Your Body Type

How To Dress For Your Body Type

How to dress for your body type

Everyone has different body types, which is a given, it's finding the right clothes that best suits your figure that can make all the difference when flattering your body shape. Here's some tips to consider when deciding on what to wear to help show off your figure.

There are 4 main shapes to consider when looking at your body to help guide what to wear, they are: APPLE - Apple shape body types usually have slim legs and small butt, they usually carry extra around the waist. Perfect pair of pants for this body shape would be high waisted skinny's. When finding the perfect dress look for an Empire waist. 

PEAR - Pear shape girls are typically just like the hourglass figure with small waist while having bigger hips. Straight leg pants go great with this figure because it makes the leg look more slimming.
Dress tip: A-line shape
HOURGLASS-Hourglass shape has a defined waistline. Accentuate those curves with belts, pencil skirts, and wrapped dresses.
Dress tip: Defined waist

RECTANGLE-Rectangle shapes have a body frame that's perfectly in line with all the body parts. Proportioned from torso down. Accentuate the neckline with V-necks, sweetheart and crew neck tops. Also wearing narrow or straight pants is perfect for this body type too.
Dress tip: Semi-fitted
Knowing what to wear can be the hardest obstacle, so hopefully some of these tips have helped you find out more on what kind of body shape you have and pinpoint what looks great on you. Always keep it chic.