April 05, 2016

Stripe Addict!

Stripe addict

Get the chicest look on everything stripe! The go to looks on how and what to wear with all things stripes. Whether it's a dress, tee's, or pants, stripes are always fitting to any occasion.
Live up your wardrobe with some color added to the outfit for that extra pop! Like colored pants. You can always add a bright cardigan too with the stripe top and some jeans. Any color can go with stripes and that's the best part! There are many ways to liven up your outfit with colors. Don't be afraid to be daring!
(One of my personal favorites) Adding a chunky necklace, this can be colored or just typical metals.
Choosing what to wear with your stripe top or dress can be a stress. Jean jackets are perfect for the upcoming summer. They are super versatile and go with just about anything. If it's too hot to have that extra layer it's still a great accent to your outfit by tying it around the waist!
Stripe dress inspiration outfits shown here
More accessories the better, you can go with tan or blacks when incorporating them into your outfit!
Always Keeping it chic,
Xoxo- TheStyleBar