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Closet Tips and Tricks

Closet Tips and Tricks

Tis the season for simplifying and decluttering closet spaces. It's out with the old and in with the new. Going through and either throw or store last years winter apparel. While replacing it with spring and summer! Whether that's completely new clothes or ones that were stored away all winter, we have the tips for great storing techniques an how to get organized. Also what trends to be aware of this summer!

Tricks & Tips on how to maximize your closet space:
Keep your closet color coordinated. Yes you may be telling yourself I could never do this I'm not that detail oriented, but it helps when trying to find the right colored top you are looking for.
Store shoes on a rack under your clothes to hide them. Or in shelving compartments if you have them. This is an inexpensive way to keep the closet decluttered and  organized.

Closet to small? Perfect way to maximize small closet space is doubling up hangers! See below on how to use this super cool trick. This is a great way to fit more clothes into your space.

When dealing with drawer clutter, avoid the jumbled mess of trying to find matching socks. Get some plastic or cardboard compartments! Super inexpensive idea to keep tanks, socks, underwear etc all together! You can find these at almost any store unless you want to get real crafty and make them on your own.
Trends to be aware of this coming spring/summer. One is lots of color and floral prints! Keeping it light and airy, this super cute trend is popping up in lots of stores! Inspiration like shown here.

Another trend you'll be seeing are gladiator sandals! This has been becoming more and more popular over the years. Whether it's wedges or just flats. These shoes can go with just about anything, while being comfortable as well! 
When cleaning out your closet keep some of these tips in mind on what to keep in your wardrobe! As well on how to organize.

Xoxo -TheStyleBar