My Shopaholic Dream



The cutest styles and tips on how to create that perfect boho look!
Flowy tops and bottoms are a must when it comes to creating this look, for instance, flare jeans. A flowy top for inspiration, shown here, would be a perfect match for flare pants.

Perfect for spring and summer, you can incorporate floral into just about anything! Having a little vintage edge is totally in style. Dress it up with a fun floppy hat too. This look is great for those hot summer days. Tip: Add a solid color kimono to your floral pattern! This adds that extra light, airy layer keeping it flowy and boho.

Keeping it boho in a Kimono- Spice up your outfit with these cute kimonos giving that boho feel. Wear solid tops underneath or a dress like shown here. Try with a long or chunky necklace! You can never go wrong with jewelry. Tip: Tassel necklaces are great for complementing that boho look.

The more jewelry the better! Adding extra layers (like kimonos) and jewels is all about that boho look. Wear more colors in your stones that you choose to wear like turquoise for example. Or any color that is incorporated in the outfit. You can also keep it simple and basic with just the sliver or gold. Tip: Add lots!

Boho-chic outfits can be incorporated into anytime of the day, perfect for the farmers market to lunch date with the girls! This super chic and comfortable look is the new in, so get a jump start on this style for spring and summer!

Xoxo- TheStyleBar