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Bright & Brilliant

Bright & Brilliant

Bright & Brilliant
Become bright and brilliant by adding a pop of color in your summer outfit, while having brilliant taste on what to wear! We'll help you get there with these stylish tips and trends on how to incorporate bright colors in your outfit!
It's summer fever with these high temps rising, so what's better then getting cute summer clothes?! These cute outfits may just help with what to find.
MIX & MATCH: Don't be afraid of putting bold colors together. Choose pants and tops that are in the same color family. Like shown below, different colored pants with a bright top! You can also add a pop of color by just adding a colored cardigan to brighten up your outfit, perfect for summer! Don't forget to accessorize.

BOLD & DARING: Perfect way to enhance the bright top is to add some black skinnies. Black skinny jeans can go with just about any colored top, which is a perfect statement. Here's some inspiration!

A plus to adding a bright colored top automatically creates a tanner look to your body. So don't be afraid to stand out this summer! Always keep it chic.

-xoxo TheStyleBar