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Graphic Tee's Style Guide

Graphic Tee's Style Guide

Graphic Tee Tuesday
Style tips on how to wear your fav graphic tee!

4 ways to wear:
 TUCK-Try with a pair of high waisted skinny's or long skirt and tuck in the tee. This is giving that lengthening look to your legs. 

KNOT-When wearing your graphic tee you can tie up the corner. This gives the illusion of a shorter torso, while showing off more of your pant or skirt.

 BLING-Adding a chunky necklace gives a bold statement. You can go in any direction with color. Like this one shown here!

 STRUCTURE-Adding a blazer/jacket/denim shirt over top and skinny's or long pencil skirt gives your outfit depth with more of that business look.

Basic steps in to creating a stylish graphic tee or tank top look:
To dress it up wear a chunky necklace with it adding a dressier jacket or blazer, combining these makes for the perfect outfit!
For a more casual look wear with your favorite cardigan and scarf!
Create your own style through great tips like these! Stand out with making a bold statement on all the ways you can wear graphic tee's, from adding layers to keeping it simple!

Blog by Jorden