My Shopaholic Dream



1. Stylect

Deemed “The Tinder of Shoes”, this app wants to help you find the shoes of your dreams – at a budget. Swipe through over 50,000 shoe styles from various designers based on your style and likes. Stylect allows you to filter your shoe search based on color, price or style. You can also create shoe wish-lists and make purchases directly through the app.

2. Keep Shopping

Three words: universal shopping cart. The Keep Shopping app launched the world’s first mobile universal shopping cart that allows you to purchase from any brand or store all in one checkout. Through the app users can browse through Keep’s curated products or browse the entire web. Keep Shopping made mobile shopping a lot easier.

3. The Hunt

If you’re like me and you’ve ever seen a picture of an outfit that you love but don’t know where to buy it, this app is perfect for you. It allows users to “hunt” for clothing, accessories, shoes and more. Community members can help each other find where to buy certain products by posting the direct shopping link to a specific item.

4. Polyvore

For every girl that cries “I have nothing to wear”, let that no longer be your kryptonite. Polyvore offers endless fashion inspiration by allowing users to create shippable collages by mixing and matching products and styles. Not only can you create your own stylish outfit collages, but you can also search through collages created by others. The app isn’t just limited to fashion either, categories such as “beauty” and “home decor” are right at your fingertips.

5. Pose

With Pose you can see what others are wearing on any given day based on the weather and your location. Now before you get creeped out, think of this as local inspiration. It gives people in your area to stem fashionable ideas off each other to create a flawless look with things they have in there personal closet. To further filter your search you can browse outfit pictures based on the occasion as well.

6. Stylebook

Stylebook brings Cher Horowitz’s closet to life on your phone. It allow you to virtually curate the pieces in your wardrobe by uploading pictures in order to style and organize them. Users can create and plan outfits using photos of your actual clothes and accessories. The app also allows you to create packing lists, plan outfits in advance and make sure you never wear the same thing twice.

7. Poshmark

Last but not least is Poshmark. This is my all time favorite fashion app because you can literally buy and sell fashion. This app has nearly everything anyone could look for. From Target brand to Louis Vuitton you can buy, trade and sell your clothes and accessories. Most items are listed at a 70% discount and the transaction is fast and easy. With real pictures of the items, users are in control of knowing exactly what they’re purchasing.